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Save time in the kitchen with the V-Shaped Multi Slicer!

We're all about saving time in the kitchen and the V-shaped multi slicer will certainly help with that! It slices COARSE AND FINE, grates, wavy edge slice and can make waffle and chip shapes! The big advantage to purchasing this slicer is that is takes over the job of a grater, a micro plan and a chipper all in one. It also is time saving utensil when you are making large batches of food, e.g. coleslaw. This slicer will half the time ordinarily required with individual utensils. Grater versus slicer!  The standard grater is fine when using small amounts of food, however the slicer is excellent when you have large amounts to grate and is also much easier to use as it stands alone, as you just glade the hand guard over and across the blades. A good quality chip maker is a great utensil for homemade full flavour chips, and with the V slicer you can also cut your own homemade chips and waffles, eliminating that extra utensil also   Click here to buy online  

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

The Eddingtons Apple Peeler.... There is an old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While it sounds like an old and trite saying, the fact is that apples are one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. Eating just a single apple a day has some very far reaching health benefits. The problems is that quite often we don’t want to spend the time necessary to peel and prep the apple or we don’t have the time during the course of the day. Make it easier for yourself with the loopy apple peeler, easy enough that a child can, and will, use it. Recent research into multiple body systems indicates that there is virtually no part of the body which does not benefit from the consumption of apples. In studies in Brazil and the Mayo Clinic— apples have been proven to reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. Some of the flavonoids and micronutrients are found in no other food tested so far. What that means to you is that making apples a part of your daily diet has some very positive health benefits. Click here to buy online  

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