Potato Ricer versus Potato Masher

We all love creamy smooth mashed potatoes so what’s the best way to get them? We put two tools to the test, the potato ricer and the potato masher – here are our thoughts!

Potato Ricer:

The potato ricer is used to make very smooth creamy mashed potato – exactly like you’d expect from a restaurant. It can also be used for mashing most root vegetables and as a fruit press. This extrusion tool forces cooked potato through small holes, resulting in rice-like pieces of potato. It has two long handles, one with a perforated basket at the end, the other with a flat surface that fits into the basket. The food is placed in the basket, then the flat surface is pushed down into the basket by pressing the handles together, forcing the food through the holes. Because air is incorporated into the potato as it’s pressed, this tool gives you the lightest mashed potatoes possible. A ricer guarantees no lumps, and your potatoes will be very smooth. The only downside is that it can be a bit time-consuming but worth it for the results!

Potato Masher:

The potato masher effortlessly rices, mashes or whips all root vegetables and potatoes and it’s also suitable for jam making. The handle is designed to alleviate wrist and hand strain. Hand mashers get bad press for leaving lumps, but we found that they can deliver smooth, creamy potatoes. You just have to be methodical with your mashing method, getting into every corner of the pot and using a press and twist motion with the masher, adding a little liquid at a time. It’s important to make sure your potatoes are thoroughly cooked!


Result: For really light,  fluffy mashed potato, the ricer is the way to go!


Potato Ricer Mashed Potato

Potato RicerMasher